Email Windy Knoll Winery link to links.htm link to contact.htm link to newsletter.htm link to history.htm link to wines.htm link to home.htm Windy Knoll Winery is a family owned business that started as a hobby. A small vineyard wast started with 32 grape vines in spring of 1994 and home wine making began in the winter of 1994. The hobby soon became a passion as additional 700 grape vines were planted over the next four years while the wine making increased. Then in 2000, the decision was made to start a commercial winery. In the spring of 2001, 37 acres of farmland was purchased and, to date, 14 acres have been planted.

The name Windy Knoll Winery came about from the fact that the rolling 37-acre vineyard has a high knoll and when working the vineyard there is always a breeze or wind blowing.

The winery officially opened for business on June 15, 2002. Ten types of wines are produced from our vineyards, with an additional six wines coming from grapes produced in the local area. Our wines have been entered into the Indy Stat Fair Wine competition and eight of the wines have won medals against domestic and international commercial wineries. The Indy State Fair Wine competition is now the largest domestic and international wine competition in the USA.

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